Garcinia Cambodia and the HCA Extract


With all the world turned to health and maintenance of the body, there has been a lot of new ways for people to achieve the ideal body and overall health. With all the options out there, it is good to be aware of what is good and what is not.

Garcinia cambogia is a well known and well endorsed weight loss supplement. It is a tropical fruit also known as Malabar tamarind. It is native to Indonesia and other Southeastern Asian countries as well as Central African countries due to the tropical weather suitable for its growth. The fruit is used for making an appetizing soup before meals in the native countries in which it grows in. This is because it is believed to have filling effects before meals. The fruit has existed for years in the native communities and has been consumed by the people just as long. Only recently has it become a public topic, specifically in the west, that this fruit contains elements that aid in weight loss.

For pharmaceutical purposes, an extract from the fruit is used. HCA, or hydroxycitric acid, is an extract from the fruit that is believed to aid in weight loss. It has the ability to do so by working in two mechanisms: suppressing of appetite and blocking fat. By suppressing appetite, it limits the amount of food intake. In essence, it increases the level of satiety, or the feeling of being “full” and in effect making it easier for a person to eat less. As a result, less calories are taken into the body and this then helps an individual slowly lose weight. Secondly, it inhibits citrate, a fat producing enzyme in the body, hence making the body produce less fat from carbohydrates.

Researchers on the effectiveness of the extract have reported that it doubles and nearly triples weight loss. They do, however, add that this cannot occur alone only by the intake of the extract. Rather, the effects are maximized when complemented by other weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits. These include sleep, exercise, proper dieting and stress management. HCA supplements have been lauded as effective alternatives to traditional dieting

The HCA extract has been under fire for some negative side effects in some people who have ingested it. However, this extract is generally safe when taken in small doses. For women who are breast feeding or pregnant, they are not advised to take the supplement because it could potentially harm the health of the baby and the mother. Also, individuals who are on diabetic medication are not advised to take this supplement because it may implicate blood sugar levels, causing them to fall abnormally low.

On the market, there have been numerous brands with HCA as an ingredient but without properly researched effects. When buying a product containing HCA, ensure you conduct adequate background research regarding the effectiveness and side effects of that particular brand. Read reviews of people who have used it and research about if it is approved by the FDA or any food and drug regulatory authority. If you aren’t sure what to believe, our personal recommendation is slimming garcinia. It has been making buzz as a supplement that helps people get real results. You can get a free trial if you are skeptical about the product.