Do Supplements Really Help Weight Loss?

weight loss supplements

Despite living a healthy lifestyle and working out frequently sometimes the weight just won’t come off especially if need to shade the last ten or five pound on your way to attaining your weight loss goal. Most people at this point of their weight loss look for weight loss alternatives to help them lose this weight as it often proves to be a challenge. Weight loss supplements are accompanied by a whole lot of hype and at times some false advertising. This has however not affected their sales which has made the weight loss industry a 22 billion dollar industry in the US alone. This is because most people sample different products in the hopes of getting “the miracle pill”.

Why weight loss supplements do not work without exercising

The hype accompanied by weight loss supplements is often portrays then as miracle supplements with statements such as loss this amount of pounds without putting in the work. This turns into numerous sales however it does not amount to a lot of shade pounds. This is mainly because most people do not use weight loss supplements as supplements but as a weight loss solution. The supplements should be used only to aid weight loss in combination with a regular workout routine and a diet to ensure that you lose weight faster and in an easier way.

Categories of weight loss supplements and their effectiveness

Weight loss supplements come in three main categories that make claims of weight loss capabilities. These categories include;

· Laxatives

Some weight loss supplements contain laxatives and are often marketed as having the capabilities of being a cleansing diet pill or have the capabilities of melting fat. They however have colon cleansing capabilities and also diuretic capabilities. Have the capability to remove all residue food items and toxins from the digestive tract and get rid of water weight which adds on to a person’s overall weight. They however need you to make several bowel movements after consumption which is an inconvenience for most. Continued use of these diet supplements can damage your digestive tract making one unable to move their diet on their own. Taking an excess of these pills will also have bulimic effects on one making one expel food without having absorbed a sufficient nutrients or water which can be dangerous for one’s health.

· Appetite suppressers

Supplements of this nature are often advertised as pills that help you fill full throughout the day and keep hunger pangs away which in turn causes a person not to over eat. These supplements usually contain green tea extracts or other supplements. These supplements are often good to curb excessive eating but they have bloating, diarrhea and gassiness as side effects.

· Stimulants

Supplements of this nature are often advertised as ones that increase your metabolism to help you lose weight at a faster pace than usual. Their main ingredient is usually caffeine or green tea extract which makes your heart beat faster while also making you jittery. This might help stimulate more activity but they contain an alarming amount of caffeine in a single pill.